INTERVIEW WITH LOUISE KRIEK runner up of the 2015 Shining Light Awards.


Louise Kriek (right) receiving her award at the Shining Light Awards Ceremony

Can you give us a little background on yourself and how you ending up in the jewelry design industry?

Louise with Lilja celebrating their awards.

I’ve always been interested in adornment and the handmade items we wear that have both aesthetic and symbolic meanings to us. I’m an artist by nature and approach everything I do with the intent of making it as beautiful and pleasing as possible, so jewellery design was a natural avenue for me to follow after I completed my degree in music.


Did you always know that jewelry design was something you were going to pursue? If so, when in your life did you realize this?

No, definitely not. I thought I would pursue a career in music after I was done with my studies. But after taking a short course in silversmithing, I fell in love with both making and designing jewellery, and I knew that it would be a more fruitful endeavor for me personally.


Who is your greatest inspiration in jewelry design and why?

My list of favourite designers is always expanding and changing. Currently I am very much influenced by designers such as Dukno Yoon, for his simplistic yet beautifully effective kinetic jewellery; Julia deVille, for her treatment of the more macabre stages of life and her amazing skill of heightening taxidermy to a high-end art form; U-ram Choe, though not a jewellery designer specifically but rather a kinetic sculpturist, for his beautifully animated creations made form precious metals, which never cease to both amaze and inspire me.


Can you tell us about your aspirations and ultimate goal as a jewelry designer?

Ultimately I would love to be able to create bespoke pieces for individual clients who feel a connection to my design style. As a jewellery designer I have a unique privilege of being a part of a client’s very private and intimate moments, and the design process both explores and opens up deeply personal aesthetic values and symbolic connotations. I would like to have my own jewellery range which is uniquely my own yet still accessible enough for clients to appreciate and value our natural resources and their preciousness.


What advice you would give to upcoming designers wishing to enter the 2017 Shining Light Awards competition?

Be true to yourself. If you think that your design is done and ready, stop and go back to it. Look at all the fine details of it and ask yourself – what is the purpose of this line? Why am I putting the stone here? What does this curve achieve, and what is pleasing about it? Constantly ask yourself these questions, and don’t stop drawing just because you think your idea has made the cut. Fill pages and pages with inspiration ranging from visuals to poetry to colour schemes to textures and beyond. Create a piece that is both beautiful to look at and worthy of the materials you’re working in.


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