INTERVIEW WITH LILJA HASTIE winner of the 2015 Shining Light Awards


from left: De Beers Model, Louise Kriek, Lilja Hastie, Mr Phillip Barton (CEO of De Beers Consolidated Mines (DBCM) South Africa), Madeli Viljoen and De Beers model.

How was your experience of attending Jewellex Africa?

My experience at Jewellex was very eye opening and inspiring as I saw how prestigious this award really is and the impact that aligning myself with Forevermark and De Beers has on my career and future. It was also important to see the magnitude that winning this award has internationally.


Your winning collection for the Shining Light Awards was featured on SHINE Magazine, a prominent editorial for luxury jewellery brands, how does it feel to see your name and picture on such a magazine?

Seeing my name printed in SHINE magazine was a surreal experience and I still can't believe any of this has happened sometimes. I found it very motivating to keep going the way I have and to keep following my dream and keep the passion alive.


Your collection has been showcased at important events such as The De Beers and Chatham House Conference, how does it feel for your work to be recognised globally?

It is difficult to shy away from using words like "indescribable" and "unbelievable", yet there are no other words that can quite justify what a feeling it is to see my work being internationally recognised. It's as if somebody knocked on my door and told me that my wildest dreams have come true, and not only that, an even bigger dream be given to me. It inspires me to work very hard and represent Tshwane University of Technology and our beautiful country.


How has winning the Shining Light Awards changed your life?

It has made me incredibly grateful for the invaluable training we receive at Tshwane University of Technology and the support and opportunity De Beers has given me and my fellow friends and runners up of the Shining Lights Award. I can list many ways in which this award has changed my life, but the most prominent one is that it has helped catapult my career by 10 years and has given me the opportunities I would not have been able to give myself at such a young age and in my current position.


Tell us about your new blog

The blog I have started is about wanting to bring a real and relatable element of the glitz and glam of the Jewellery industry and share what being a Jewellery design student  is all about by posting what happens behind the scenes, sharing my struggles as I learn, grow and develop. I hope to open the channels to other Jewellery design students who can relate to what this process is all about, but also to the public who don't know what it entails and create awareness of what a fun and interesting industry this is. It is also a platform for me to express my inspirations and influence readers to engage with how my journey evolves throughout the rest of my studies here in South Africa and what my journey in Milan will bring.


From left to right: Louise Kriek, Lilja Hasti, Kagiso Fredericks, Rebecca Aaku and Madeli Viljoen.


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